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8. July 2012

How Smartphones Benefit Businesses

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Smartphones help business people keep in touchThe invention of the smartphone revolutionised business methods on a global scale as it now meant that executives could keep in touch with the office wherever they are located in the world. The mobile phone allowed voice and SMS text messaging to occur but the smartphone brought us a device that had many of the features of a laptop, without the annoying battery life limitations. Therefore, it became possible for users to send and receive e-mail, open and edit documents, images or any other data format and of course incorporated apps for leisure activities.

Best Features for Business

A wide variety of apps are available for smartphones and a large percentage are designed for commercial use. Perhaps one of the most important for sales executives or those who travel frequently are applications related to GPS. Google Maps, probably one of the most famous GPS tools allows users to seek travel directions, have real-time tracking of their movements and install additional targeted GPS apps for specific areas. Travel apps, for example, will recommend accommodation based on user review and proximity to your actual GPS location. Office apps that allow creating and editing of documents are ideal for business use and allow group collaboration on documents, even while waiting for your flight. Many smartphones have full QWERTY keyboards to simplify this process and others have a touch sensitive screen for manual input.

Other Benefits

In cases where laptop use is not feasible or the battery needs charging, the use of a smartphone allows the user to carry out most of what was previously only possible on a desktop computer or other accessories. Bar code scanning, photos, videos and other multimedia applications are available on most models. Some even support wireless printing, which helps produce hard copies of vital documents even when out of the office. Internet access is possible over a 3G network or using Wi-Fi. This opens up the whole online world, for browsing, research or use of cloud-based applications.

In addition to all of the commercial benefits, tired executives can relax using their smartphone. They can read books, play games, watch movies or simply listen to music. As battery and smartphone technology improves, battery life will be less of a problem for prolonged use and higher specifications and faster processing power will open the gates for a flood of new business applications that are currently impractical.

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