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29. July 2012

The Power of Social Media in Business

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Different social media channels and internet commercialSocial media has become a well-liked medium where users of various backgrounds can articulate, share and convey their thoughts and/or ideas to other individuals. With ever increasing time spent by Internet users on these sites, blogs or spaces, advertisers have come to realise the need to market products and services on a local and worldwide basis utilising these popular and importance spaces.

Background and Importance of Social Media

In the year 2010, Facebook, the most prevalent Social Networking site, peaked with 500 million users. In other words; nearly half of the Internet’s population. After 2010, almost a quarter of the page views throughout the internet were attributed to Facebook, with Google the most accepted search engine. These statistics demonstrate the movement which continues to develop within this area. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been dominating the Social Networking arena for some time now. Interestingly even Google has come up with a website which employs a comparable modus operandi as Facebook; Google +. Google+ is now viewed as Facebook’s competitor and consists of a sizable number of the very same Facebook users. Google, a giant in the search engine field, has no doubt sensed that the use of these diverse media sites is an effective way to promote products and services thereby increasing their popularity across a wider segment.

Future Developments and Trends in the Social Media Arena

There have been indications that in the upcoming years, most entrepreneurs or business aspirants would dedicate considerable time and effort in the science of this type of media marketing. Increasingly a new breed of individuals are attracted to and gaining access to these sites. This is particularly true with reference to Google+, perhaps due to the fact that Google is by far the principal search engine around. Furthermore, many companies, large and small have been monitoring activities which occur on these media websites with respect to any product or service. By doing this, they can carry out meaningful studies that may eventually lead to success.
Social media has not only become a custom among the general population but has been widely adopted by businesses and institutions (political and nonprofit) worldwide. No sector is to be excluded since it also offers great success in virtually all areas.

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